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Top 5 tips for using video analytics to reduce losses

At all times, managers have been looking for a cure for such situations as theft, negligence and slovenliness of employees. Today such a pill has appeared...
Let's be frank and straightforward. As a rule, employees try to take more and work less. This means that in any team someone will always cheat, break discipline, and steal. Any attempts by a manager to create an effective system of control are shattered by the reefs of human nature. Simply put, you can't change that. Because any supervisory employee is also human, which means that he or she is also weak, lazy, inattentive, and just as likely to break the rules.
This would continue to be the case if Cyber Vision Control, a neural network capable of taking over the function of effective control, had not appeared. It can detect theft and any other deviation from business processes with 98% accuracy.

Always and everyone!

Now you can call the offender, put the facts on the table and make a management decision.

How often do you think employees will steal, cheat and break the rules, knowing that you will be aware of all such situations?

What needs to be controlled first?

The purpose of your control is quite logical and simple - to understand that the company does not lose money through the fault or initiative of your own employees. How do such losses occur? Let's list only the key ones...


Let's start with an easy one. A person is very easily seduced. He will pass without consequences for the first time, and then there will be a second, then a third, and as a result, systemic theft. And man is such an inventive creature that for every control system he will think up two ways to bypass it. The cure is one - fair punishment. The inevitability of punishment is an incredibly effective remedy. However, in order to punish, you need ironclad facts, and that is video-recording! This is one of the issues our system addresses.
It is especially difficult to control theft where it is difficult to keep track of balances. For example, in our practice there was a case of sand extraction at a sand pit. The CVC program tracked 98% of the actual cargo flow and sand removal. As a result, cases of sand theft stopped.

Violation of rules and regulations

The more complex the company's business processes, the more regulations and the more difficult it is to control them. Even in cases where all the rules are prescribed, without proper control, employees begin to relax, "lazy" and slack off.

Unfortunately, compliance with the regulations is virtually untraceable. Because to do so, you have to assign a controller to each employee or watch eight hours (or even more) of video recordings of that employee's work every day. But our system can control the execution of the regulations! Any deviation from the rules will be automatically recorded in the appropriate report and the video of this violation will be saved.

For example, the CVC neural network installed in the dental clinic not only managed to make the staff comply with the rules and not steal through collusion between the doctor and the administrator, but also minimized the number of missed and dissatisfied clients. Agree, it's nice to visit an institution where everything runs like clockwork: the receptionist is always there, the schedule is not compromised, the doctors are smiling. Yes, yes, the system can even track the smiles on your employees' faces!

Violation of labor discipline

Everything is simpler here: what time an employee came and left, how long he was in the smoking room or left for lunch, how many times and how long he used his personal phone, etc. These are the simplest questions that create a huge headache for the company owner. And all this time paid for by you, the manager.

Violations of safety rules

This point, as a rule, they only start to think about it when the losses are already counted. And it's not just about security breaches by the employees themselves. There is a question of controlling the behavior of customers or casual visitors. Imagine that you have a restaurant, on the one hand, employees are working with an open fire and hot objects, turn on the gas, open the water. Someone is tired, forgotten, spun out... On the other side are overly "cheerful" restaurant patrons. There are a lot of points that need to be tracked in time online, and if necessary - immediately notify with messages to the appropriate security service!

Ineffective advertising campaigns

A good advertiser will tell you that most of the time he has to rely on his own assumptions and hypotheses. Imagine for a moment that he has accurate statistics on the behavior and interest of your target audience.
For example, for one of our customers, we built a system for tracking visitor behavior at his car dealership. The system determined, with 98% accuracy, which car models arouse the most interest, which models are ignored, where they stop more often, and how they move around the auto center. Thanks to accurate data on the target audience's behavior, the marketing service was able not only to change the priorities of advertising campaigns, but also to adjust the marketing concept, increasing the sales conversion rate of the car dealership.
Unfortunately, when advertisers don't have that data, they have to experiment on the company's money, on your money.

Can video surveillance cameras solve all these problems?

As you have already guessed, CVC video analytics software allows you not only to record events, but also to process all cases of specified violations in the form of reports with video evidence.

Is it possible to solve the problem the old-fashioned way - to put the control service to the monitors and make them watch everything?

I think you have already guessed that this does not work.

First of all, to watch 8 hours of video you have to spend 8 hours of time or look at the monitor without a break online.

Secondly, a person can not record all the important events at the same time, as the program can do. He can not keep track of regulations, and the fact that the customer was cheated, and compliance with rules, and the time of going to lunch, and even more check it all with the accounting system in online mode.

Thirdly, human nature will not change. And your controller is the same person with his weaknesses and tricks. He has his own preferences, a good relationship with his colleagues, and even a desire to get "his share".

So it turns out that, apart from the illusion of control, such control does not give anything.

How to implement Cyber Vision Control at your enterprise?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are ready to solve the problem of losing money once and for all.

All the above-mentioned situations (theft, embezzlement, failure to comply with regulations, discipline, security and order, ineffective advertising campaigns) can be excluded with Cyber Vision Control video analytics software. Exclude with up to 98% probability!

All you need to do is to contact our specialist to find out how the system can be useful in your particular case and get answers to your questions.

How the system solves all of the above problems can be seen right now here.
Cyber Vision Control
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