Stopping theft and increasing discipline and order in the warehouse by using the Cyber Vision Control neural network

Because of theft, errors and employees violating the rules in the warehouse, a company loses significant money.
Cyber Vision Control helps to solve these problems.
It analyzes the video stream from your CCTV cameras without human intervention.
Compares the collected facts with the data of your accounting system
Detects violations
The system signals critical events promptly.
It also provides an evidence base.
Automatically, CVC monitors:
Economic violations
Shipment of goods without correct registration in the accounting system
Photos of the received/shipped goods made automatically with reference to time and employee who received or shipped them

Intercameral video clip demonstrating the shipment of goods with the moments of making photos and committing violations tagged
Receiving and shipping goods
Fixing the movement of goods without going through the photographing zone

Photos of shelves before/after each shipment with changes highlighted

Compliance of goods movements with the data of the used accounting system (1C, Excel tables, any warehouse accounting system)

Moving goods within the warehouse
Labor discipline

Leaving work at the time other than directed
Accounting of working time
Violation of public safety and order
Entrance/exit control

ID face recognition

Breaking into restricted areas
By implementing CVC, you gain confidence
- No one gets to the warehouse stealthily

- All movements of products in the system are associated with a specific employee and are being compared with the warehouse accounting system

- All violations of regulations are immediately detected by a neuro-robot

- You can view the annual photo history of changes in goods "on the shelf" in only 15 minutes
How it works
The CVC neural network automatically analyzes the video stream from cameras, selects events, and provides you with facts in a user-friendly style
Real-time stream from IP cameras with no one to view and process
Events and real-time reports of business process violations in your personal account
Giving a call or leaving a request for a demonstration. Becoming acquainted with each other. Identifying the tasks to be solved for your business. Demonstrating the capabilities of CVC. Making a list of tasks to be solved.
Introduction List of tasks to be solved
We analyze video from your surveillance cameras, by running them through neural network algorithms, and than we evaluate the results. Our goal is to get the most out of each of your cameras.
Analysis of your equipment's capabilities
We connect the neural network trained to solve your problems to the video stream from the cameras. As a result, you get operational data to make the right decisions. It mitigates indentified losses.
Monitoring business processes
In the next step, we shall agree on the list of algorithms that will be connected to each camera, as well as on the forms of reports and notifications that you shall receive.
Reconciliation of documents
Stages of connecting to the Cyber Vision Control service
It's quite simple. Please give us a call or leave your request for us to arrange a meeting and get to know each other
Cyber Vision Control
CVC mitigates losses in any business, however small or big it is, whether it is a manufacturing enterprise
or a service company.

20 days
Average pay-off period after CVC has been implemented
>150 000
Disciplinary violations detected
Economic violations detected
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